The Ultimate Idiot Test

The Ultimate Idiot Test is the final challenge so get ready for some truly difficult and brain melting challenges! We advise playing at least one of the other four idiot tests to familiarise yourself with the gameplay and the types of questions. This test takes it to a whole new level however and is infinitely more challenging!

This version brings some classic questions and puts new twists on them. Get ready to press colored buttons, memorise sequences of shapes and work out mental maths challenges too! Be sure to read and re-read the instructions otherwise you may pick the wrong answer! Also look at the screen extremely carefully so you don't miss anything. This Idiot Test is certainly the ultimate, and anyone who can complete it is a truly worthy competitor!

Release Date

April 2008


Ryan Curtis developed this game.


  • The hardest challenge of The Idiot Test games
  • Various concepts that you can find, including science
  • Level password and sound effects


  • Web browser


You need to use your left mouse button to choose an answer.

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