Flags Quiz

Flags Quiz is a fun general knowledge game that tests your knowledge of flags around the world. There are several different game modes in which you can test your flag knowledge. The quiz mode, for example, provides you with flags that you have to spell the country name in a Hangman-style gameplay.

Alternatively, you can play a multiplayer game against others from around the world. Moreover, there is a Choose the Country game mode in which you have a flag, and a list of countries you can choose from; the categories are split into continents. For anyone who loves flags and geography, this game is excellent fun!

Release Date

November 2018


Denis Sokolov made this game.


  • A multiplayer flags quiz game
  • Six game modes: Training, Quiz, 8 Flags, Find Flag, Choose the Country, and Multiplayer
  • A complete list of the flag of nations
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Playable anywhere you go, on the mobile browser or apps


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • iOS



Press left mouse button to play.
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