The Soul Driver
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The Soul Driver

The Soul Driver is a side-scrolling car driving game in which you flee the police and smash other cars!

Your goal in this game is to drive to the Mexican frontier which is about 42 miles away. The police is chasing you, so you will need to be careful. They will try to stop you at all costs. The roads are full of dangers!

If your damage bar gets full, the vehicle is on the blink and you lose the game. Don't forget to repair your car the the garage. Stressful actions will boost your adrenaline. You can accelerate strongly when the adrenaline bar is full!

When you reach a garage, the game is saved. You can upgrade and repair your car in the garage using Soulons (Soul money). Collect them along the way, and complete actions that give rewards!


The Soul Driver is developed by Soul Studios, who we know from games like Rogue Soul 2, and Swords & Souls.


  • Arrow keys to drive
  • D to brake
  • F to accelerate
  • Space to boost
  • H to honk
  • S to use the wipers