The My Little Pony Quiz 2: Remastered

The My Little Pony Quiz 2: Remastered is a fun but annoying quiz game with out-of-the-box questions and answers. Knowledge and brainpower will not help you here! The aim of the game is simple – work your way through a myriad of questions and try to guess them correctly without losing any lives. You have three lives in total, and each wrong answer removes a life.

The questions are totally random and appear to not have any basis in reality or logic. Try to memorise the answers and think outside the box to pick correctly. Sometimes the answers are obvious, but sometimes if you take a little time to think what the question is asking, you can get the right answer! Don’t forget to look for hidden power-ups and use them to help your progression. Can you master the My Little Pony Quiz?

Release Date

January 2018


The My Little Pony Quiz 2: Remastered was developed by J.D. Brony.


  • Fun questions and answers
  • Cool effects
  • Three lives
  • Power-ups and other stuff within the game


  • Web browser



Use left mouse button to choose an answer.
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