Tappy Sky

Tappy Sky has similar gameplay to the popular Flappy Bird but also features several twists. Instead of a bird, you control an airplaneÖan airplane that has guns! Your plane fires its weapon automatically; you must simply control the planeís flight. Destroy aliens and monsters, and also the difficult final boss. Each level has a series of power-ups to help you defeat your enemies faster. Furthermore, you can collect keys to unlock better pilots and equipment.

Aside from the main gameplay, there is also a fun mining mini-game. You must power up your drill by keeping the power bar level with the moving bar. The longer you can keep the bar and meter in sync, the more money you generate. This money can be used to purchase upgrades and to improve your drilling process. Get ready for this intense sky battle and see how far you can progress!


Tappy Sky is developed by Kloppe Media.



Your plane attacks automatically. Left click to make the plane fly higher.
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