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Tagetti is a fantastic game of skill in which you must attempt to shoot the various white balls into the target blue area. This game requires great skill and reflexes – you must aim the balls really carefully and allow for the rotation of your aiming point.

You must complete each level within a certain time frame and successfully shoot all the white balls before you can progress to the next level. Although the graphics are simple, the gameplay is fun and addictive.

Release Date

January 2019


Tagetti is made by Kevin de Youngster. Kevin is a student from Ashesi University in Ghana and he won our 2018 CrazyGames annual scholarship. The 2017 winner is Momentum.


  • Constantly increasing challenge for each new level
  • Simple objects and graphics
  • An interesting physics-based gameplay with a high difficulty
  • Nice music


Tagetti is a web browser game.


Press left mouse button to shoot.