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Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero

Developed by  AloneDev

Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero is an action-packed archery game where you battle enemies using magic. Defeat waves of foes and magical beasts to earn superior wizard gear, and battle bosses that put your skills to the test.

Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero

Battle against rival wizards

Take on gangs of rival wizards that only multiply as the levels progress. There are beasts like spiders, tanks, and birds - and intense boss battles that will take you by surprise. Blast them all with your wizardly powers to earn achievements.

Earn enchanted rewards

Many rewards exist throughout the game, from gold coins to chests containing hats, clothes, and weapons. Items in chests increase your stats, making you more powerful.

Take it to the final level

There are 160 levels confined to 8 seasons. Various bosses and minibosses are a constant challenge. Even the regular levels start to get tricky, bombarding you with every enemy in droves. There’s plenty of addictive action and rewards to keep you hooked until the final boss.

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  • Drag the tower up and down to evade shots from enemies and bosses
  • Tap B for rapid-fire on desktop - this makes dealing with multiple enemies much easier
  • Use as few shots as possible and aim for headshots to get a great score


  • 160 levels and 8 seasons to play throughout the game
  • Challenging bosses throughout each season
  • Increasingly intense battles put your skills to the test
  • Various items of clothing and skills that improve your abilities

Release Date

December 2021


Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero is developed by AloneDev.


Web browser


  • Drag the left mouse button to aim and release to shoot
  • Tap B for rapid fire
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