Stickman Clans

Stickman Clans is a 2D strategy game with a gripping campaign and action-packed online multiplayer battles. Protect your castle and king, mine resources, and prepare your stick figure army for the ultimate attack with new units and powerful upgrades.

Complete the Campaign

The Stickman Clans campaign takes you on a geographical journey through the ages. Each level has a distinct theme, whether it be Samurai, Arabian Nights, Rome, or Mars. There’s a long line of progression to immerse yourself in with over 20 unique tasks to complete. The aim of each campaign battle is to destroy the enemy’s tower.

Level up Your Army

You can buff the permanent stats of your army and miners in the armory, helping you build faster, stronger forces to overwhelm enemy units. 

You can also visit the shop for temporary magic buffs that do everything from increasing the mining speed to summoning a mighty giant to help you on the battlefield.

Survival Mode

Survival mode puts your army to the test through endless waves of attacks. The longer you weather the barrage of units, the more gold you earn for upgrading your soldiers and towers.

Take the Fight Online

You can jump directly into the action with online multiplayer and see how well your strategic skills and perks fare in real-time battles with other players.

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  • A detailed campaign featuring compelling themes from around the world
  • Unlock new units and upgrade your army and defenses
  • Take your army online and battle other players in real-time
  • Excellent 2D visuals and an epic, original soundtrack
  • Previously known as Stick Wars Legacy 2

Release Date

  • February 2021 (Android and iOS)
  • March 2021 (WebGL)


Stickman Clans was made by Sergey Mezhakov, originally under the name Stick Wars Legacy 2. If you want more cool stickman games made by this developer, check out:


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • Steam
  • iOS



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