Shoot Your Nightmare: Halloween Special

Shoot Your Nightmare: Halloween Special is the intense Halloween special version of the game in which you must explore the darkness and find candy bowls to wake up. You are trapped within your nightmares and are trying to escape them, the only way to do this is to find all thirteen candy bowls hidden in various places.

The scary part is that the darkness is full of horrible creatures that are trying to grab you at any opportunity. Fight them off with your handgun and shoot all of your nightmares away then continue to search through the darkness. Good luck!

Release Date

Shoot Your Nightmare: Halloween Special was initially released as an Android app in October 2014. The WebGL version has been available since October 2018.


Shoot Your Nightmare: Halloween Special was made by Poison Games.


  • 3D horror first-person shooter game
  • Mission to complete
  • Four gun options
  • Halloween theme
  • Many scary monsters, such as Slenderman and Slendrina


This game is a web browser game. It's also available as an Android app.


  • WASD to walk around
  • Mouse to look around
  • Left Mouse Button to fire
  • Right Mouse Button to aim
  • Mouse Wheel To change weapon
  • G to throw a grenade
  • R to reload
  • F to pick up an item
  • Left shift to run
  • Left Ctrl to crouch
  • X to prone
  • V to melee
  • Space to jump

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