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Shoot That!

Shoot That! Is the fun physics game in which you must use angles and gravity to aim at a target and successfully hit it. You are floating hand with its trusty pistol and you are trying to shoot at the floating head on the other side of the map.

As easy as that sounds to just aim and shoot there is a bit more to the game than that You need to account for the effects of gravity as once you fire your shot the bullet will start to drift downwards. The power of which you fire the bullet also plays a big effect on the bullet. Oh, did we forget to mention the barriers and obstacles that will be in your way also?! Good Luck!

Release Date

June 2018


Kara Development made Shoot That!.


  • 5 episodes with 15 levels each
  • New gun models to buy and use, including AK-47
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Various objects with a different use
  • You can only move the gun up and down


Shoot That! is a web browser game. It's also available as an Android app.


  • Move the gun with up and down arrow
  • Hold left mouse button backward to aim, release to shoot

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Shoot That!
This is an engaging physics game that you can enjoy on this page in your browser. Shoot That! has been played by 12,162 people and has received a rating of 7.2 / 10 with 83 votes. The game has been developed by Kara Development. The game uses Unity WebGL to run fast in most browsers. One of the many great things about playing this game on CrazyGames is that it is available in full-screen. In addition to playing the game as a Unity WebGL game, you can also download the mobile app for your Android phone and tablet. Did you like playing this game? Then also try our other physics games or Backflip Dive 3D and Striker Dummies.