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Rhythm Race

Developed by  bluefrontstudios

Rhythm Race is a music game that combines racing with rhythm. Hit the right notes to win the race and rack up your highest score. Follow the beat of 20 of original tunes!

How to Play Rhythm Race

Race the neon streets

Rhythm Race takes place in a futuristic neon world with a synth-wave feel. In this world you compete against other Rhythm Race legends by matching colors and rhythms with the music.

Diverse music

There are 20 original songs available covering various genres like synth-wave, ambient, and heavy rock. If you have any difficulty playing the game, you can remap the keys using the options menu and change the difficulty settings between easy, medium, and hard.

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  • 20 original tracks covering various musical genres
  • Use your rhythm skills to win the race
  • Colorful and futuristic neon setting
  • Fun and original game concept

Release Date

  • July 2021 (Steam)
  • December 2021 (WebGL)


Rhythm Race was developed by bluefrontstudios.


  • Web browser
  • Steam


  • To play you use the Q W E R T Y keys to change the selected color. Circular dots require you to use the action button (Space)
  • In the continuous arrows, you need to be in the correct color and press the action button at the beginning of the path
  • Press Esc to pause the game
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