Pogo Gun Pogo
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Pogo Gun Pogo

Pogo Gun Pogo is the frantic arcade-style game in which you must race to travel as far as you can whilst avoiding various obstacles and safely landing on difficult to reach platforms. Try to master the controls by using the left mouse button and challenge to beat your high score with each play.

Jump high and flip your way through the ever-changing landscape that becomes harder the further you progress. Use the dash feature to ensure you land on the platforms safely but the time it right or you will fail and have to start all over again. Good Luck!

Release Date

May 2018


Pogo Gun Pogo is made by Studio Pareidolia.


  • Cool cartoonish artworks
  • Various characters to use, including a car and animal
  • Day and night cycle
  • Smooth physics and nice music


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Use left mouse button to play.