Player Killers' Exchange
Player Killers' Exchange

Player Killers' Exchange

Player Killers' Exchange is an RPG game in which you must kill and loot your way to power and success. You will start this game a weak skeleton; you must quickly collect blood samples from nearby NPCs and other players. Once you have enough, you can brew potions to increase your stats.

You will be able to choose your path as an Elf, Orc, Lizardman or human. There are over 700 different areas to explore and loot to become an ultimately powerful character. Once you have progressed enough take on castles and defeat the bosses that hide within them for special upgrades. Have fun!

Release Date

May 2018


provolone developed Player Killers' Exchange.


  • A challenging dungeon adventure game
  • You start as a skeleton that can transform into various beings
  • Get equipment and items by eliminating other players or NPCs
  • Big maps to explore with helpful mini-map
  • Various upgrade options


Player Killers' Exchange is a web browser game (desktop and mobile).


  • Movement: W,A,S,D or arrow keys
  • Attack: Enter or space bar
  • Quick Items: 1,2
  • Inventory: I

Touch Controls

  • Movement: tap on the left side of your device for a virtual joystick
  • Attack: tap on the right side of your device.
  • Inventory: use the icon


Player Killers' Exchange
Player Killers' Exchange is a first-class rpg game. You can play it here in your browser, for free. It has been played 5,530 times and has been rated 7.2 / 10 with 54 votes. Provolone made Player Killers' Exchange. The game is made with HTML5 technology to run smoothly in modern browsers. One of the many advantages about playing Player Killers' Exchange here is that you can play it in full-screen. If you enjoy this game, you should try out our other rpg games or Dynamons 2 and