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Pinturillo 2

(14,121 votes)
November 2016
Last Updated:
March 2023
Browser (desktop-only), App Store(iOS)

Pinturillo 2 is a free online drawing game inspired by Pictionary. In the game, you draw a picture based on the word that is given to you, or you guess what the other player is drawing. Draw your best picture to give others a chance to guess correctly!

How to Play

Guess what other players are drawing

It's time to play online Pictionary! Join a fun online drawing game where the objective is for you and other players to guess what each other is drawing! The first winner to guess correctly gets 60 points, while other players are rewarded based on how long it takes after that for them to guess.

Draw for other players to guess

When it’s your turn to draw, Pinturillo will give you a word. That word could be an object, place, or anything else that can be drawn. Draw the thing to your best abilities without using letters or writing out the word.

About Pinturillo

Pinturillo 2 is a classic Pictionary game like Draw My Thing with a modern twist. This online drawing game is available in five languages and features over 5,000 words. Join over 2-million players from around the world playing on the web and mobile devices, and see how good you are at drawing and guessing!

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  • Compete with other players in the ultimate free online draw and guess game
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese
  • More than 5,000 words keep the game fresh every time you play
  • Over 2 million active players every month

Also Known As

Pinturillo. Draw my Thing.


This game is made by Chachiware.


  • Web browser
  • iOS
  • Android

Last Updated

Mar 10, 2023


Use the left mouse button to play the game.


Do I need to be good at drawing to play Pinturillo?

You can play Pinturillo no matter your skill level! Drawing on a computer can be tricky.

How do I remove someone from my game in Pinturillo?

You can vote another player out of the game if they are not playing by the rules.

Gameplay Video

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