Monkey GO Happy Four Worlds

Monkey Go Happy: Four Worlds is another fantastic episode of the awesome Monkey Go Happy series. In this episode, you can explore four different worlds with our sad monkey and try to solve mysteries in each separate landscape. This provides a great amount of fun, and an increased amount of challenging puzzles and brain teasers to work through!

Each world has a different theme – there is a modern cityscape for example, a strange red temple and a luscious green countryside. As with other Monkey go happy titles, you must collect various objects and monkey trophies, and interact with other characters on each level to solve clues. Make your way through each world and try your best to make our monkey happy once again! If you enjoy this version, why not try Monkey Go Happy Devils Gold?

Release Date

January 2018


Monkey GO Happy Four Worlds was developed by Pencilkids.


  • Four worlds to play
  • Cool graphics and artworks
  • You can choose the monkey's character and hat


  • Web browser



Use the left mouse button to interact with an object
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