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Mole Heist

Developed by  Izyplay Game Studio

Mole Heist is a fun casual arcade game where you help a friendly mole dig tunnels and find treasure. You can then use the treasure to help the mole buy new furniture for his little mole house!

How to Play

Dig paths to reach hidden treasures

Dig around to clear a path for the mole. The treasure is hidden to the mole, but you can see exactly where it is. Dig strategically for a more successful Mole Heist. Once the mole has passed the gold, there’s no turning back.

Avoid obstacles on trickier levels

As you become more experienced at conducting mole heists, the levels get tougher. There are spikes and other obstacles that can hurt your cute mole friend. Carefully dig him the best path and you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

Build a comfy little mole home

You’re the wealthiest mole in the ground with all this money you’ve been collecting. You can use it to furnish your house and turn it into a lovely home for the whole mole family.

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  • Fun digging mechanics
  • Playful sounds and theme
  • Lots of treasure to be found
  • Build a cute home for your mole

Release Date

February 2022


Mole Heist is developed by Izyplay Game Studio.


Web browser

Last Updated

May 23, 2022


Hold the left mouse button to dig.