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Take it easy and have fun in any of these free, easy games on the web.

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Many casual games are easy. These games are centered on players having fun and getting rewarded for their gameplay decisions. Some of the best easy games are Market Boss, Mole Heist, and Retro Battle. These games feature mildly challenging elements but never progress into frustratingly difficult levels, maintaining a level of ease that’s fun and laid-back.


What are the most popular Easy Games?

  1. Slasher
  2. Tiny Fishing
  3. Slash Royal
  4. Market Boss
  5. Adventure Miner
  6. Retro Battle
  7. Wood Farmer
  8. Fisherman Life
  9. Stacky Bird
  10. Minecube

What are the best Easy Games to play on mobile phones and tablets?

  1. Tiny Fishing
  2. Slasher
  3. Snow Patrol
  4. Big Shark
  5. Stacky Bird

What are some underrated Easy Games?

  1. Tiny Fishing

What are Easy Games?

Easy games are the opposite of difficult games. They follow easy and intuitive control systems, and never progress to a high level of difficulty. Easy games aren’t about the challenge, they are built on having fun!

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