Midnight Spooks
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Midnight Spooks

Midnight Spooks is a fun mystery game in which you must solve the mystery of exactly what Mr. Spooky hides in his museum basement! You and your friends work in Mr. Spooky's museum and he has gone home early so you decide to explore to see what you can find - are tyhe rumours true about his strange brother living in the basement?

The mechanics of the game are simple - you must interact with various objects in each room using your left mouse button. In each room there is a series of puzzles that you muse solve - use your memory and collect objects to use later. Some objects can only be opened using key combinations or a series of symbols - you can find these combos and puzzles throughout the rooms. This game will really challenge your logic and puzzle solving skills - can you solve the mystery of Mr. Spooky and the basement?


Left click to interact with object and people.

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