Mental Incremental

Mental Incremental is a fun and challenging Idle game in which you must slay evil monsters and build a thriving village to produce gold. Each time you click, you attack the various enemies in your path - each time you kill an enemy you generate gold. Gold is used to make purchases and buy new building for your village such as farms, houses and even an arena - these buildings generate additional gold for you.

Aside from the buildings you can also use a range of special abilities and spells that can destroy multiple enemies quickly or automatically. The Battle Cry ability for example increases your damage by 200% for a short period of time. As you kill more enemies, they become tougher and have more HP and thus take longer to destroy. This game is truly involving and you will find yourself trying out the different abilities and upgrades for hours!


Mental Incremental is developed by Insomnia Cat.



Left click to play.
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