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Mega Ramp Car Game: Car Stunts

(12,991 votes)
HikBoo Studios
May 2024
Last Updated:
May 2024
HTML5 (Unity WebGL)
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Mega Ramp Car Game is a thrilling driving game where you race on wild tracks and perform incredible stunts in a 3D world. Choose from various cool cars, unlock exciting features, and push your limits. Get ready, rev your engine, and dive into the non-stop fun and excitement of Mega Ramp Car Game!

How to Play Mega Ramp Car Game: Car Stunts

Your goal in Mega Ramp Car Stunts is to get to the finish line of a mega ramp, avoiding obstacles along the way while performing stunts, ramp jumps, and collecting rewards. This driving game requires precision and accuracy while controlling your speed.

The game consists of various modes that you can access before or during gameplay by pressing the pause (P key) key.


The garage is where you can customize your car and gear. You'll get a better feel for what works for your level of speed and adventure once you play the game a few times. Switch out your car tires, get a paint job, and more. The more rewards you earn, the more upgrades you can get, so keep checking in at the garage as you progress in rounds.

Free Mode

Free Mode will take you on a thrilling adventure through sandy beach towns with massive ramps to speed past, on, and across. Practice your stunts, do a bit of sand drifting, but most of all, accumulate some points in this mode. If you don't get onto the ramp with enough speed to jump to the next ramp, use the N key for a nitro boost and watch your car fly.


You're ready for the big leagues. Career mode will take you to a series of levels you need to unlock with reward points. The levels are all high ramp, high stake courses in different cities. You can also choose to randomize the levels for an extra added surprise.


Practice Control: Spend time getting used to the car controls, especially how they handle stunts and in the air.

Manage Speed: Maintain a balance between speed and control. Too much speed can make landing difficult, while too little can make stunts less impressive.

Use Nitro Wisely: Save your nitro for critical moments where extra speed is necessary for longer jumps or more complex stunts.

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Release Date

May 2024


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Last Updated

May 29, 2024


  • W / Up Arrow Key = accelerate
  • A / Left Arrow Key = steer left
  • D / Right Arrow Key = steer right
  • S / Down Arrow Key = brake / reverse
  • P = pause
  • N = nitro


How to play Mega Ramp Stunt?

Race on a ramp in the sky in Mega Ramp Car Stunts while avoiding falling off the path, crashing, and outbeating your opponent racers.

What is the game with the car going down the ramp?

The car game where you race down and up ramps with nitro speed boosts is called Mega Ramp Car Game: Car Stunts by HikBoo Studios.

Gameplay Video