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Klondike FRVR

Developed by  Chris Benjaminsen

Klondike FRVR is a card game that should be familiar to almost everyone that's played Solitaire (it's actually the same game, just a different name). The game starts with 7 lanes of cards, with an increasing amount of stacked cards as you go from left to right (you start with 1 from the left). The last card in each stack is flipped over so you see what card it is. You can move an opened card to be stacked on another open card on 2 conditions: it is a higher number by 1, and the color is opposite of the lower card (black/red). If you run out of cards to move, you can flip one (or three, depending on the mode you've set) card from the remaining pile on the right side of the screen to get more cards. If you find an Ace, you can set it on one of the four empty piles on the screen. This pile will need to be filled with each card from each suit in ascending order (Ace, 2, 3, etc.). The goal of the game is to complete the pile of 4 suits.

It may sound a little complicated, but there's nothing easier than a good game of Solitaire. We recommend trying the One Card flip rule if you're new to the game (or just want an easier time). The game will also give you hints when a card can be used/stacked - cards will shake and be highlighted. Klondike is super fun, and anyone, card game lovers or not, can enjoy it.


Klondike FRVR is made by Chris Benjaminsen.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Click/tap the card you'd like to transfer/stack. You can also drag the cards if you'd like for a more precise transfer.