Jungle Jumper

Jungle Jumper is a fun and exciting platform game with retro graphics and funky jungle music. The gameplay is really simple but challenging - you must jump from block to block and avoid falling off. Use the up arrow to jump and move using the left and right keys. The game scrolls sideways continually and you must keep jumping from block to block otherwise you will get pushed off the edge of the platform.

The game is endless and you must try to survive for as long as possible - jump quickly but think about the positioning of the platforms too and the speed at which they are travelling. You will find the simplicity of this platform game addictive! What high score can you register?

Release Date

December 2017


Jungle Runner is developed by Jasper Hilven from Belgium.


  • The blocks are moving both ways, make sure to jump perfectly
  • Nice music that is accompanying you throughout the game
  • Simple controls and cool animations


  • Web browser



  • Up arrow to jump
  • Left arrow to go left
  • Right arrow to go right
  • Down arrow to restart
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