Instant Online Soccer

Instant Online Soccer is a fun online soccer game in which you can jump straight into a match with a host of other online players. Whatever team you get assigned, enjoy an instant play as you control a single player on the pitch in a position of your liking. Plan your game tactics with your team member to become an unstoppable soccer team.

Tackle, pass, move and shoot your way to victory as you try to score more goals than the opponent team to win each match. You can completely customize your character's appearance to make a player you like. Have fun!


This game is made by Rezoner.

Release Date

October 2018


  • A multiplayer soccer game
  • You can join an ongoing match
  • Customizable character's appearance
  • Easy controls
  • Cool ball physics


Web browser



  • WASD to move
  • Left click to kick
  • Right click to run
  • Space bar to tackle
  • E to call others
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