Idle Drone Miner 3

Idle Drone Miner 3 is a fun idle clicker game in which you must attempt to create a successful mining operation. You must become an ore tycoon but first, you must build a reliable and profitable mining operation. Build your mining rigs and upgrade them to improve production and output.

As you progress the upgrades become more expensive but they also give greater bonuses. The game continues to mine and generate incomes whilst you are away, therefore, you can leave it running to have dinner for example. Can you build your mining empire?

Release Date

December 2018


None is developed by GtheDev.


  • Simple graphics
  • Controllable main drone
  • Different maps with different resources to mine
  • Various upgrade options, including a smelter and factories


Web browser


  • Use arrow keys to operate the main drone
  • Press left mouse button to interact
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