Gorillas 2

Gorillas 2 is an epic platform physics game that takes inspiration from the original classic Gorillas. In this game, you must take control of your very own Gorilla and attempt to blow up the enemy gorilla using your deadly bananas! This might sound easy, but you cannot click to aim or fire your banana manually – you must instead enter the angle of fire, and velocity!

The angle is entered in degrees (think of a protractor with 180 degrees on it), and the velocity is entered in meters per second (this is the speed). Consider the position of your gorilla and your enemy, and the surrounding obstacles and type in a set of parameter you think will score a winning shot. You can play vs a friend in 1on1 battles, or against an AI enemy. Can you wield your banana with skill and destroy all gorillas in your path?

Release Date

March 2010


Gorillas 2 is developed by Kimbabig.


  • Play against a computer or a friend
  • You can determine how many points to complete a match and the gravity
  • You are free to enter any value of the angle and velocity, but only the correct calculation can hit the opponent


  • Web browser
  • Android



Use your keyboard to enter a value.
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