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Gobtron is a fun defence game with a funny twist and a strange pink monster! Gobtron is a huge pink monstrosity and the pesky humans have woken him from his peaceful sleep. You must control him and exact your revenge by firing sticky snot balls at them!

You must move fast and fire as many snot balls as possible to defeat the waves of irritating humans. Only after defeating the last human in a wave can you progress to the next level. As you progress, you can upgrade Gobtron with a range of new abilities and equipment to dish out damage quicker! Take revenge on those annoying humans today and start firing your snot!

Release Date

August 4, 2009


Juicy Beast made this game.


  • A fun defense game featuring a giant beast with various gross attacks
  • Different enemy models
  • Upgradeable skills
  • A story in each level


Web browser. We also have the iOS version.


Drag left mouse button to aim, release to launch.