Free Rally: Pripyat

Free Rally: Pripyat is an epic racing game set in the desolate town of Pripyat. This is the sequel to the popular Free Rally racing game and provides you with a new racing location.

In this episode, you are entering the dangerous radioactive town of Pripyat, which is in Chernobyl – the surroundings look fantastic, and the landscape is amazing. When driving, be sure to use your vehicle's weapons to try and eliminate the other drivers and conquer everyone in this deadly rally!

Release Date

May 2019

Also Known As

This game is also released as another title, Free Rally: Stalker Mode.


Free Rally: Pripyat was made by oneru220.


  • 3D multiplayer vehicles battle game
  • Deadly weapons to utilize
  • Many vehicle options to drive, including a helicoper!
  • Set in an abandoned location with nice details
  • Fullscreen available


Web browser



  • WASD, arrows to drive
  • Space to use the handbrake
  • Mouse to lock cursor
  • F or right mouse to fire on helicopter, buggy, and Sofy
  • V to seek rocket on helicopter, buggy, and Sofy
  • E to enable/disable police alert on moto police
  • F to stop the car on moto police
  • Shift to use nitro on moto
  • R to signal
  • G to let the vehicle go up
  • L to use the light on the car
  • L to start/stop the engine on the helicopter
  • C to change the camera view
  • Esc to return to the menu

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