Food Grinder

Food Grinder is a fun and endless platform game in which you control a cute little doughnut. Yes you heard us right – a cute little doughnut! The doughnut is trapped in a dangerous food grinder and you must help him avoid the rotating circular blades that keep appearing. Your character moves side to side automatically and you must move them up and down between the different levels.

You receive a warning exclamation mark when a circular blade is near so keep your eyes peeled. As your character moves you must collect gems and coins – you can use the coins to purchase new avatars such as a packet of French fries and a soda drink! You can also choose the scenery of your level. Once your character is dead, you can repeat the game to try and gain a higher score. How long can you help your lovable piece of food survive for in the food grinder?


Besides playing on a desktop browser, you can play this on a mobile browser.


QKY Games



  • Up arrow to go up
  • Down arrow to go down
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