Firefighters Truck 3

Once again you get the chance of driving a firefighters truck! It's 100 degrees outside and your poor city hasn't seen a drop of rain for weeks! You know what that means? HIGH FIRE RISK! The city is burning down and it's your job to save the day! Don't let these scorching temperatures take away your summer fun.

As a firefighter, you have one of the most honorable jobs in the community and now it's your time to show every citizen why you are the most trusted member in the city! It won't be easy, but you know you can get it done. All of your training has come down to this moment. Take hold of the blazing fast fire truck and make your way through the town to put out all those fires as fast as possible! Make sure you follow all of the safety signs and DO NOT CRASH! If your fire truck gets too damaged, you lose! And don't forget to watch out for pedestrians! Your job is to get to the fire as safely and quickly as possible. Pull into the yellow highlighted area and put out that fire fast.



You can control the truck using your arrow keys. Push the up arrow to accelerate and use the left and right arrows to steer. Down arrow is reverse and space bar can be used to handbrake. The M key lets you look at the map so you know where you are going. So gear up and get ready, the townspeople are relying on YOU to put out those fires and save the day!

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