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Factory Balls


Factory Balls is a Bart Bonte puzzle game in which you match the ball with the image. Pick up one of the balls and use the available tools to make the required ball. When you’ve made the ball as shown in the picture on the box, you’ll move to the next challenge.

How to Play

The aim is to create a ball matching the picture on the box. Each new challenge provides a new set of tools, and you’ll have to figure out how to use them to create the required ball. It’s quite obvious what some tools do, like paint, but for others, you’ll have to experiment with and think logically.

The levels continue to pose a new challenge, so logical and abstract thinking is needed to solve all the problems! There’s a finite number of balls per level. If you use them all up, it’s game over.

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  • Tricky challenges that require logical thinking
  • Made by a developer known for innovative and creative titles
  • A finite number of balls adds pressure to get it right
  • Ideal for the problem-solving mind

Release Date

March 2021


Factory Balls is developed by Bart Bonte.


Web browser


Use the left mouse button to select and drag the balls.


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