Evil God

Evil God is a fun and exciting clicker game in which you must become a legendary god and build up a cult of zealous followers who worship you and provide faith. Click on the different artefacts and relics in the right hand corner to generate might points – use these points to build new followers such as a selfless fervent, an acolyte and a high acolyte.

Build up your faith level and recruit more followers to increase your faith further and also to increase your god level. As you progress you fill up your altars and can unlock new followers. If your altars become full, you can always use your wrath to unleash lightning bolts to sacrifice your followers to free up more space. Can you become an iconic and feared god and build an immense and powerful band of cultists?

Release Date

January 2018
Updated February 2018
Note that the developer is continuously updating and improving the game.


Evil God was developed by Angel Hernandez (TristanMX).


  • Different ritual to complete
  • Many zealots to be summoned and killed
  • Your zealots have a break time in which you can take this moment to summon lighting to eliminate them if needed


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Use left mouse button to complete the ritual and summon zealots.
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