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Elite Sniper

Developed by  FrankChamber

Elite Sniper browser game - show your shooting skills. Elite snipers perform the most dangerous missions. Test your eyesight and reaction, pull the trigger to give the enemy a fatal blow! Up to 20 mission levels and 6 different types of enemies in the game are very challenging. Are you ready?

When playing this epic shooting game, users must work through various different missions. To play this game, users must have excellent reflexes and a steady hand. Control the movement of the sniper scope and look for targets. During each mission, take out the bad guys and ensure that the objectives are met.

Free gaming has never been as fun. Elite Sniper remains one of the favorite games available due to its simple, but exciting gameplay. The graphics aren’t flashy, but the sniper missions keep players stuck to their monitor.

For each mission, players gain a letter rating such as A or B. The rating is dependant on factors such as time taken to complete the mission, number of kills, and accuracy. Each mission can be replayed so that players can try and gain a perfect A rating.

A player must have quick reactions and move the scope quickly. Furthermore, players must also be able to control the sway and movement of the scope to remain accurate. Try and complete every mission of Elite Sniper and take out the bad guys.

Release Date

July 2019


FrankChamber developed Elite Sniper.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • Use the mouse to move and aim
  • Press space bar to open the scope
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot