Drag Racer v3
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Drag Racer v3

Drag Racer V3 is an awesome and simple drag racing game in which you must control every aspect of your vehicle to try and attain super speeds on the drag strip! In most racing games you simply control the acceleration, breaking and turning – in Drag Racer V3 however you control the gas and gear shifting and must time your gear changes perfectly to gain top speeds.

There is also a career mode in which you can start from the bottom and work your way up to become a professional drag racer; compete in races to earn money and upgrade your beloved drag racer. Alternatively, if you simply want to test your drag skills, you can try out all the available vehicles in the arcade game mode. Buckle up and head onto the drag strip today!

Release Date

February 2010


Drag Racer v3 is developed by XGen Studios.


  • Lots of car choices
  • Nice visual graphics
  • Three game modes
  • Detailed car information
  • You can tune and customize owned cars


  • Web browser


  • Space bar to accelearate
  • Up arrow to gear up
  • Down arrow to gear down