Destroy the Eggs

Destroy the Eggs is a fun puzzle game in which you need to destroy all of the eggs in each level by hitting into them with a purple square character. The square starts at the top of the game resting on a pile of boxes. The eggs are spread between the boxes and you must find a way of making the square fall on top of all of the eggs to complete the level.

The square only falls as you remove boxes, click on boxes one by one and try to direct the square towards all of the eggs. This cool arcade game is simple in mechanics and easy to understand however you do still need to plan your moves accordingly otherwise the level can't be completed. Good luck!

Release Date

November 2018


newgamess developed Destroy the Eggs.


  • A cool arcade game with puzzle gameplay
  • Simple mechanism: just click the box to remove it
  • A different stack of boxes in each level
  • Constantly increasing challenge


Web browser (desktop and mobile)



Press left mouse button to remove a box.
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