Cube Jump

Cube Jump is the retro style arcade game in which you must stay within the screen moving diagonally towards the bottom right. You must jump onto platforms successfully to avoid falling to your doom or being left behind by the scrolling camera angle.

Time your jumps carefully as the rows of broken up platforms are all moving at different speeds and have different size gaps in between them. If you do not time your jump correctly you will fall and fail the mission. This endless arcade game will leave you entertained for hours as you keep trying to better your high score. Have fun!

Release Date

Initially released as mobile apps in July 2015. The online version is available in July 2018 and can be played on


This version is made based on the Ketchapp's version.


  • An endless jumping game
  • The main character is a cube
  • The platforms are moving diagonally, making it is challenging to make a precise jump
  • Collectible small cubes to unlock more characters


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS



Use left or right mouse button to jump.
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