Cluster Truck Online

Cluster Truck Online is an awesome agility based game with intense jumping gameplay. You must jump from one truck to the next and avoid falling to the ground - this might sound easy but timing is key and you must jump quickly and effectively to land on the next truck. Your character moves automatically forward - all you have to do is control your left and right movement and your jumps.

Each level features a different range of jumps to complete and moving trucks. Jumping from one truck to the next is easy when they are aligned - the real challenge is when you must jump and move sideways in mid-air to in order to land on a truck to your left or right! There are 35 levels to choose from and each one presents a more difficult challenge. Start truck jumping today and enter the cluster rush!



  • Space or J to jump, hold to climb
  • Left arrow or A to move left
  • Right arrow or D to move right
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