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Cars: Lightning Speed


Cars: Lightning Speed is a fun racing game featuring characters from the Cars movie. Choose your own 3-letter name and get started in career or single race mode.

Game modes

There are two game modes in Cars: Lightning Speed. In Career mode, you’ll progress through cup races starting with the Beginner Cup.

In single race mode, you can progress through the four racing tracks of each location.

Racing locations

In Cars: Lightning Speed, you can race in destinations around the world. You’ll be racing your way to 1st place in:

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • USA
  • Japan
  • Brazil

Each location has its own style. In Japan you’ll be street racing in a neon-lit city, navigating road blocks and cones. In the USA, you’ll be dealing with desert terrain, avoiding oil slicks and tumbleweed.

Cars: Lightning Speed Tips

In Cars: Lightning Speed, you have to overcome a number of challenges to get into the top 3.

Here are the top tips for Lightning Speed:

  • Avoid obstacles
  • Collect as much loot as you can
  • Use your boost to overtake
  • Stay on the road
  • Upgrade your car to make it faster

About Cars

Cars is an animated movie made in 2006, featuring Lightning Mcqueen as the main character. It was made by Pixar before they became part of Disney, and it’s still highly popular today! Disney have since released Cars 2 and Cars 3 since the original movie.

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Cars: Lightning Speed was made by Disney Games.



  • Arrow keys or WASD to to control vehicle
  • Enter to use boost