Car Eats Car Evil Cars

Car Eats Car Evil Cats - take on the evil chase. Become evil cars and successfully escape the chase by performing awesome stunts and destroying the police cars! Out of all the driving games, this has a unique plot and different gameplay. The evil and old cars are being chased by the police cars - they want to prosecute the evil cars and lock them up in jail!

Both police and civilian cars are out to get our evil vehicles - you must try to avoid capture and form some amazing stunts to destroy the police vehicles. The controls are simple and easy to get used to. Users can quickly grasp the gameplay and how to drive their evil car.

During each level, drive your car and try to escape the police. As you drive, you must get past a myriad of obstacles such as oil cans and crates. Watch out, as these items can damage your vehicle. There are also some dangerous ramps and loops that you must try and traverse. Don’t forget to use the nitro boost, and to drop bombs on the other vehicles.

After each race, users can upgrade their vehicle. Upgrade different stats such as speed, turbo, armor, and damage. Users only have a limited number of stats so they must be used carefully. This combination of upgrades, and awesome gameplay make Car Eats Car Evil Cats a superb game.

Release Date

August 2019


This game is made by SMOKOKO LTD.


Web browser



  • W or up arrow to accelerate
  • S or down arrow to move backward
  • Shift or X to use nitro
  • Space bar to drop bombs

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