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Car Eats Car 5


Car eats Car 5 is the latest instalment of this fun arcade driving game. In this game you must control a cartoon car and race against other opponents in an epic battle of driving skill. The other vehicles are trying to smash you into oblivion so you must drive fast and try to avoid their fire. Jump over the various obstacles on each level and try to perform cool flips as you fly over the ramps.

As you progress you must collect the gold coins throughout the level - use these coins to purchase upgrades for your own vehicle to improve its survivability. The gameplay is fun, the controls are easy and the graphics and music are exciting. Can you complete every level and show your skill as a racing driver?

Release Date

This game was initially released as Unity game in August 2015. The updated version is released in March 2018 to use modern and cleaner WebGL technology.


Car Eats Car 5 was developed by Smokoko.


  • Side-scrolling car driving game to survive the predator cars and reach the goal
  • Three difficulty options with different rewards
  • Dozens of levels that you need to complete
  • Upgradeable and unlockable car models
  • Many predator cars models with a different ability
  • Spin the slot to earn a reward


Web browser



  • W or up arrow to gas
  • AD or left/right arrow to steer
  • S or down arrow to brake
  • X to use turbo
  • Space bar to drop a bomb