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Bloons Tower Defense 2

(14,594 votes)
December 2020
Browser (desktop-only)

Bloons Tower Defense 2 is a popular tower defense game originally released in Flash by Ninja Kiwi. Strategically place your defenses, upgrade your units, and stop all balloons from passing through.

Bloons Tower Defense 2

Choose a game mode

You can play Bloons TD 2 in easy, medium, or hard mode. For a fun and fast game where you get the chance to play with all the available weapons, we recommend starting on easy mode.

Stop the balloons from getting through

The objective in this game is to stop the balloons from reaching the exit. When a balloon reaches the end successfully, you lose a point of life.

Buy and upgrade your defenses

Start by placing dart monkeys on the path to pop the balloons, then start the round. Each wave increases in intensity the further you get. Add more defensive units and upgrade your existing ones to keep up with the volume of balloons. The best upgrade is the super monkey. It shoots darts incredibly fast and can be upgraded to fire laser beams!

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Use a mouse to play this game.