Anti-Terrorist Rush

Terrorists have stolen 10 cruise missiles and plan to use them to wreak havoc. You must bring them to justice and retrieve the payload! Play through a series of missions and use different troops to defeat your enemy. This game has a unique style and you must choose different units that automatically move and fire.

Each unit has an advantage over certain unit types so choose carefully! The machine gun soldier, for example, excels against infantry units. Alternatively, the sniper units can pick off infantry from greater distances. Each kill earns you points, and these points can be used to place new units. Aside from the troops, you can also use support items such as a smoke grenade and adrenaline rush – these provide tactical advantages. Can you outwit the terrorists and retrieve all the missiles in time?



Your soldiers move and attack automatically. Use the left mouse button to summon a unit or use a support item.

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