Midnight Spooks 2

Midnight Spooks 2 takes place in a maritime museum shop. A man named Cap'n Crunch is the owner of the shop. He goes out to the sea every couple of days and collects rare items from sunken ships. He found the image of an unknown young girl... Tycen needs to find out who it is!

Tycen is helping Dan because he wants the picture so badly. It was not meant for sale, but because he insists, Captain Crunch lets him have it for free if he can find a way to unlock a weird locked chest. Observe the shop carefully and find hidden clues to help you on your mission. Can you finally help Tycen to find the key? What is the real secret behind the mysterious girl's photo?

Have fun with this sequel of Midnight Spooks!


Midnight Spooks 2 is developed by Carmel Games.



Left click to interact with objects and your surroundings.

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Midnight Spooks
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