YORG.io is a fun base building game in which you must try and survive for as long as possible against the waves of incoming zombies and other players! To create defensive structures and expand your base, you must first build extractors to collect raw materials. Build the extractors and connect them together to create an efficient network of resource centres to keep a steady flow of income coming in.

Once you have a steady stream of income you can start placing defensive structures to protect your base from the zombies. There are several different types of tower including cannons and arrow towers. Keep generating resources, build your base and put up the best fight you can!

Release Date

April 2018


YORG.io was made by Tobias Springer who has also made the very cool game Shapez.


  • A cool defense game with resource management and base building gameplay
  • You need to manage the supply chain to make sure every resource can be processed efficiently
  • Defensive buildings to attack the zombies
  • You can build walls to protect your base
  • Upgradeable buildings to increase their capabilities


  • Web browser
  • Steam



Use left mouse button to place a building.

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