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Valentine's Day Couple Date

(15,802 votes)
February 2024
Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Valentine's Day Couple Date is a free dress up game where you set the scene for the perfect Valentine’s Date! Choose various clothes and stunning accessories suitable for a range of memorable Valentine’s Day activities. How will you make this special day one to remember?

How to Play

Show your styling versatility

Ben has put a lot of effort into making Valentine’s Day perfect for Ellie! He’s relying on your skills as a professional stylist to make every aspect of this day look picture perfect, so that the memories can be cherished forever. How will you choose to design the set? And what bedazzling styles will you choose to ensure they look stunning every step of the way?

Select from a range of styles

The day starts with the perfect morning scene - breakfast in Paris, with a view of the Eifel Tower. After that, you’re hitting the gym together, before being swept away to a romantic rooftop dinner. In each scene you will style Ben and Ellie, picking the best outfits for the situation and ensuring the decor is on point.

Browse unique looks

Each character and scenario has a unique set of clothes and props, from breakfast items to gym gear and romantic gifts, your creativity is refreshed for each moment.

Snap a selfie

After a day of romance you can reflect on the pictures and the great memories you’ve shared with each other. Look back on every moment and save the best ones.

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Release Date

February 2024


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the left mouse button to do a makeover.


Are Ellie and Ben from Valentine's Day: Couple Date getting married?

After you've made this valentine's day magical, there is no obstacle to marriage for Ben and Ellie.

How can I start over in Valentine's Day: Couple Date?

Refresh the page to start the game again!

Gameplay Video