Ultra Mech Fights

Ultra Mech Fights

Ultra Mech Fights is an awesome game of mechanised combat in which you must build your very own mech robot and take them into combat. To start with, you must build each component of your mech including its legs, arms, weapon and body. Simply drag each piece onto the correct blueprint. Try to complete your mech as quickly as possible and see how fast you can complete it!

Once you have created your robot, take them into battle! Choose from four different moves using the Q, W, E and R keys and try to defeat your opponent. You can fight in both Singleplayer battles or two player using dual controls. Can you create a super mech and reign triumphant in battle?

Release Date

December 22, 2017


CaWo Studios developed Ultra Mech Fights.


  • Two robot models
  • You must correctly put the robot's pieces correctly to assemble it
  • Four different attacks
  • You can play against a computer or friend


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • Drag left mouse button to assemble the robot
  • For player 1, use QWER to attack
  • For player 2, use IOP[ to attack