The Little Giant

The Little Giant

The Little Giant is a super cool platform game in which you must control a poor little giant. The giant is being bullied because he is small in size in comparison to the other immense giants. You must help him work through a series of training exercises to improve his size and strength.

During each level you must avoid various obstacles and jump over platforms and traps - be sure to move fast and time your running and jumps to perfection. Use the A/D keys to move your little giant, and use the W key to jump. This game is a heap of fun and presents a fresh new look at the platform genre - can you help our cute little giant increase his size?

Release Date

March 2018


Qalamar developed The Little Giant.


  • Attractive platformer game set in a mysterious world
  • Different obstacles that you must avoid
  • 60 levels to complete


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • AD or left/right arrow to move
  • W or up arrow to jump