The Empty Place: Prologue
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The Empty Place: Prologue

The Empty Place: Prologue is a scary and intense first-person horror game. You and your friends have dared to delve into the depths of an abandoned house; you become lost, however! That is when the voices start to make themselves heard! Everything is dark, and you become frightened.

You only have a flashlight and must try and explore the house, uncover its secrets, and find your way out! You must weigh up your decisions carefully as they can have grave ramifications. Can you escape the horrors of the abandoned house?

Release Date

November 2018


Test Signal developed The Empty Place: Prologue.


  • First-person horror escape game
  • 3D graphics with a creepy atmosphere
  • One button controls
  • Your mission is to escape


The Empty Place: Prologue is a web browser game. It's also available as an Android app.


Press left mouse button to move.