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Scary Maze

(42,809 votes)
November 2014
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Scary Maze is the original, iconic Scary Maze game. Move masterfully around the retro maze levels being extra careful not to touch the edges. It requires great precision and skill. As with any maze, you never know what’s coming around the corner. This game might change your life.

How to Play Scary Maze

There’s nothing more terrifying than a maze. That’s why this game is called Scary Maze. The best way to play the game is to relax and slow it around the levels. That way, you’ll be able to advance quickly through the game.

Move the small square across the maze, and make sure you don't touch the walls. This is easy at first, but as the game progresses, the walls will get narrower. It's best to concentrate on level 3. It's a tough one.

We recommend turning the sound on for the best experience. You'll also get bonus points if you record a video of yourself or your friends playing the game.

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What is the scary maze game called?

The original scary maze game developed by Jeremy Winterrowd in October 2004 and released in 2005 is called The Maze but is commonly referred to as the Scary Maze game.

Can you actually beat the Scary Maze game?

You can beat the Scary Maze game if you complete all levels. If you touch the walls at any level or take too long to complete a level, you will not get to the next round.

Who is the girl in the Scary Maze game?

The terrifying photo that appears when you touch a wall in Scary Maze is actress Linda Blair, who depicts the character Regan McNeil in the 1973 horror film The Exorcist.