Safe Haven

Safe Haven is an interesting and unique platform game with cool survival based gameplay. You have wandered into the forest and you find that it has been inhabited by a host of vicious bugs and monsters! Luckily there is a safe house in the middle of the forest and you must use this as your safe haven to survive from the hordes of bugs!

Go out into the forest at night and try to fight off the waves of bugs – use whatever weapons you can find! You must continue to survive day after day and gather resources and gold. You can use the items you gather to create new objects and tools to help your survival and provide you a more effective means of fighting the bugs. How long can you survive for against this unwelcomed threat? Can you survive in the safe haven?

Release Date

March 2, 2018


Safe Haven is made by Goody Gameworks.


  • Interesting 2D survival game against various kinds of bugs
  • Side-scrolling view
  • You can upgrade various objects in the house
  • Craft new items and weapons
  • Simple farming to grow plants that can restore health
  • Survivors that can join and help with the defense


Web browser



  • AD to move
  • Left click to attack
  • Space bar to view equipment
  • R to reload
  • Q to do action 1
  • E to do action 2
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