Run Ronaldo Run

Control the legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldo and help him beat his arch rival Argentinean Hernan Crespo. There is one slight difference... you are controlling Ronaldo in his later years when he has put on a little weight!

Using either the keyboard arrows or your mouse, you can make Ronaldo dodge and jump past a variety of fast food snacks and drinks - if you fail and he consumes any of these tasty snacks he will become lethargic and slow down, and Crespo will take the ball away from him! To boost the legendary strikers speed, you can collect golden boots that give him a short burst of acceleration. How long will you keep the ball for and evade Crespo? You may find yourself chanting... Run Ronaldo Run!



  • Up/Down arrows to jump or duck
  • Click above/Click below to jump or duck
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